At Editions, we see books as a sculptural method for storing and sharing information.




Flights of Fancy, 2002


There is nothing like a stencil to add a bit of color to the printed page. I’ve used this technique several times, and in Flights of Fancy stencils get put to work for the entire book: text, decorative borders, and fanciful hanging mobiles that swing into action when the book opens. The concertina structure extends over three feet and employs more than 60 hand-cut stencils.


El taco de ojo, 2000


In Cuernavaca, where Steve and I spent our first month in Mexico, our host presented us with a stack of tortilla-colored chipboard and asked, “Can you do anything with this?” The result was a taco-like case to hold a set of ingredient-shaped foamy pages. The colorful foam sheets are used widely in Mexico for party decorations.


Lunch, 1993


How important is concern for human rights? It is what separates us from despots and mindless insects. A black plastic fly is trapped on the tip of a pink tongue scroll that pulls out 19" from the mouth of a papier-mâché frog.

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