At Editions, we see books as a sculptural method for storing and sharing information.




Flights of Fancy, 2002


There is nothing like a stencil to add a bit of color to the printed page. I’ve used this technique several times, and in Flights of Fancy stencils get put to work for the entire book: text, decorative borders, and fanciful hanging mobiles that swing into action when the book opens. The concertina structure extends over three feet and employs more than 60 hand-cut stencils.


El taco de ojo, 2000


In Cuernavaca, where Steve and I spent our first month in Mexico, our host presented us with a stack of tortilla-colored chipboard and asked, “Can you do anything with this?” The result was a taco-like case to hold a set of ingredient-shaped foamy pages. The colorful foam sheets are used widely in Mexico for party decorations.


Paul Johnson Pops Up in Salem


Not all pop-up books pack the same wallop.


 WHOOOSH BOOM: Paul Johnson Pops Up in Salem an exhibition of unique and limited-edition handcrafted books, unfolds at the North Main Gallery in Salem, New York from August 30 to October 4.



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