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Books currently for sale

Do Sit Down, 1991. Practical advice for the perpetual worry-wort cascades from the seat of a miniature chair. Photocopied in two colors, the text unfolds from inside a painted, museum board chair. Packaged in plastic box. 3 ¾"H x 2"W.30 copies. $350.



El taco de ojo (Easy on the Eye), 2000. A cardboard taco shell is stuffed with seven filling-shaped foamy pages with silk-screened text panels that carry sayings about food, hunger, and desire in Spanish on one side and English on the other. 3 ¾"H x 6"W. Custom crafted box. 48 copies. $225.


Emil's Garden, 1991. A guided tour through bas-relief landscapes of exotic foliage inhabited by untamed creatures. Eight painted papier-mâché panels cast from original wood carvings are backed with bookcloth. Gocco printed text. Lamp chain binding. 3"H x 4 ¾"W. 12 copies. $765.



Flights of Fancy, 2002. Brings pages to life with dramatic dangling illustrations that swing into action when the book opened. The 6 ½" square concertina structure extends over three feet and employs more than 60 stencils to create the text, borders and fanciful creatures. The message is a call to soar above obstacles that limit the human spirit. Custom-crafted clam shell box by Carolyn Chadwick. 15 copies. $720.


Mosaic, 1992  The chances for a relationship change as pages turn and mosaic tiles move to cover one message and reveal a new idea. Gocco printing on handmade paper, piano-hinge binding. 2 1/2”H x 2 3/4”W. 20 copies. $650.



New York City Transit, 1997. A ten-panel tunnel book expands to create a diorama of every major Manhattan land-mark. Actual New York City subway and bus transit maps are incorporated as side-hinges. 4"H x 6"W, opens to 10"D. Decorated manilla box. 15 copies. $465.

Star Book, 2005. Unfolding petal pages create a celestial pathway for a text describing a stellar friendship. Gocco printed on Environment Parchment with stickers, sequins, brass charms, buttons, brads, glow-in-the-dark stick-ons, lenticular panels, foamy shapes, puffed fabric, and stamped images added. Hardcover with eight unfolding double-page spreads. 2¾" square. Clamshell box. 32 copies. $530.


Twisted, 1992  Attempts to twist an individual to conform turn to a confirmation of individual expression. Bound so pages automatically advance as covers are twisted. Gocco printed on recycled paper. 3” square. 50 copies. $800.

Wanted Posters, 2002. Miniature posters soliciting help addressing social ills fit in pocket pages that are offset printed on three colors of 8½" x 11" cardstock. The parts are cut out and exchanged to create each multi-colored book. 2 ¾"H x 2"W. Open Edition. $15



Words for the World, 1995. Supportive messages in English and many other languages are commercially silk-screened on sharpened pencils to encourage the writing of new messages. 15 pencils, text folder, and brightly printed tin case. 3"H x 6"W. 250 copies. $50.


World Peace, 1991, 2000. A round book that divides into quadrants to comment on obstacles to global unification: Ignorance, Hunger, Poverty and Intolerance. Gocco printed with hand-coloring and pop-ups added. 3 ½"diameter. Plastic container. Second impression of 50 copies. $400.



Show Catalogs & Ephemera

Design, Construct, Engage, 2003. The catalog is a 16-page single-sheet book that can also be opened to a 34"H x 22"W poster. Inside the catalog there is an introduction by Gabrielle Fox and four essays that include John Cutrone’s straight-from-the-gut approach to design, Alisa Golden’s view of the production process as a personal journey, and Joe D’Ambrosio discovery that aberration is an effective way to engage the reader. There is also an artist statement and information on the sponsoring venues. Running along the bottom of each page are color pictures of the books in the show, construction shots and personal snapshots of the artist.

Open Edition, $20

Editions Sampler, 2002. A set of 24 color postcards showing the development and the range of artist books produced by Editions since 1989. Printed cardstock envelope. 4"H x 6"W. Open Edition $20.

Gadzooks, Pages Alive!, 2002. A show of 36 books showing how pages can be brought to life using a variety of techniques. Includes a spinner, two pop-ups, foldout pages and tipped-in color photo. Offset printed with gocco, stamping, and stenciling added. 4¼" square. 350 copies $25.

Mystery of the Magic Box, 1995. Award-winning catalog designed by Edward H. Hutchins for a show of artist boxes at the Anchorage Museum of History & Art. A single sheet of paper is die-cut and folded into a box with 56 pages of text, colorful illustrations, a pop-up, a door that opens and several fold-outs. In collaboration with David Edlefsen, Julie Decker & Barbara Mauriello. 3½" square. $75.

Stand and Deliver: Engineering Sculpture into a Book Format, 2003. Upon opening, a pop-up explodes from the center, and two booklets pushed out from each side. The Show Booklet includes an introduction, background stories, and an interactive CD. The Gallery Booklet includes color photos and short descriptions for all 52 books in the show. Julie Sadler designed the CD that features additional photographs, artist statements, sound effects, and several short movie clips. Kyle Olman was the paper engineer. 6"H x 7"W. 950 copies. $60.

Thinking Editions, 1999. A ten-year retrospective of the books of Editions hosted by the Houghton Library at Harvard University. The catalog has three sections: 16 text pages with an interview, essay, photo and information on the artist, a series of eight woven flexagon pages describing all 60 books, and a pocket with three color postcards. Printed envelope. Includes a bonus copy of the revolving flexagon book list for the show. 6"H x 4 1/4"W. $25.