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Early Books

Bessie Sue, 1976  A children's story with companion soft sculpture doll. Illustrations by Bonnie B. W. Smith. Printed offset in three colors. 32 pages. 6"H x 6"W. 1,000 copies in English, 500 in Spanish. Several hundred dolls.

Bound Books, 1985  Three blank books: a flat-back case, rounded case and photo album. Made while studying with Barbara Mauriello at the Center for Book Arts. Paste papers by the artist. Unique.

Capt. Coolie's Circus, 1975  A proposal for producing a juvenile circus at a summer camp in Vermont. Includes a fold-out page of costume designs. Mimeographed with hand-screened cover.  4 1/4"H x 5 1/2"W. About 30 copies.

Circus Resume, 1984 Pop-up resume for a design job opening at the winter quarters of a traveling circus. Photocopied on bond and cardstock with handcoloring added. 81/2"H x 4 1/4"W.  3 copies.

Decorative Design on Paper, 1973  How-to instructions for six different ways to reproduce decorative designs on paper. Mimeographed with hand-screened illustrations. Block-printed cover, oriental binding. 5 1/2"H x 7 1/4"W. 20 copies.

Desk Calendar for 1974, 1973  Six-panel miniature calendar printed from a handcut lacquer film stencil in two colors. Multi- fold envelope with sticker closure. 3" square. About 60 copies.

E. T. Cronin Promotion, 1980  A promotional piece for a New York City party decorator. A two-pocket folder with a folded napkin favor and four mimeographed and screened brochures. 7 1/4"H x 5 1/4"W. Decorated envelope. About 12 copies.

E. T. Cronin Promotion, 1985  A promotional box for a New York City prop rental company. Hinged poster board box with silk-screened and spray-stenciled designs. Offset printed card on inside. Wind-up toy. 4"H x 6"W. About 24 copies.

Gingerbread Friends, 1988  A first attempt at letterpress printing from a class with Carol Strum. Handset type and linoleum print illustration on a variety of papers. 3"H 4 3/4"W. 30 copies.

Harold the Cloudman, 1976 A children's story with companion soft sculpture doll. Illustrations by Bonnie B. W. Smith. Printed offset in three colors. 32 pages. 6"H x 6"W. 1,000 books and about 200 dolls produced.

Have You Ever Seen? 1987 Have you ever seen a duck duck a duck? Or a crab grab a crab? A collection of 11 word play illustrations with fold-out key. Gocco printed in eight colors on Arches paper. 2"H x 4"W. 39 copies.

How To Succeed..., 1968  Program for college production of "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying." Edited and designed by Ed Hutchins. Electronic stencils with screened plexi-cover and comb binding. 9"H x 5 1/2 "W.

Major Doodle's Mailbox, 1977  Mail order catalog created by Ed Hutchins, Paul Miller, Bonnie B. W. Smith, Michael Ives, Larry Schnebly and Jeffrey Haskell. Includes soundsheet with original story and music. 71 "H x 71 "W. 1,000 copies.

Map & Compass Adventures, 1973  A student handbook for a school program to teach basic map reading and compass skills. Nine mimeographed pages with one foldout and hand-screened wrap-around cover. 6"H x 8 1/2"W. About 50 copies.

A New Song, 1986  A poem celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty. Electrically typewritten on eight pages with cloth covered boards decorated with souvenir box panel. 3 3/4"W x 4 1/2"H. 50 copies.

Opportunities to Reflect, 1974  A portfolio of design work up to 1974 including photographs, samples and observations. 32 pages with additional fold-out and pop-up panels. Oriental sewn binding. 101"H x 151 "W. Unique.

Parental Poems, 1976  Set of two hand-made books created for the artist's parents. Handwritten text with cut-paper illustrations. Oriental binding with potato-print paper-covered boards. 5"H x 7"W. Unique.

Portfolio of Progress, 1974  An annual report for a church group. Each section of the report is a pamphlet with its own color, fold and size. The sections fit into a folder that becomes a self-mailer. Mimeographed. 6"H x 8 1/2 "W. 250 copies.

Selected Hearts, 1986  Annual Valentine greeting to personal friends. Screened booklet with pop-up and foldout panels. Cut-out, wrap-around cover. Envelope. 6"H x 3 3/4"W. 70 copies.

12 Thoughts on Communication, 1974. A dozen observations on the art of communication. Reads front-to-back and then back- to-front. Hand-screened in three colors, concertina folded. 3 1/2"H x 5"W. Edition of 100, but most destroyed. Only about 20 survive.

A Year Spent in Combat, 1971  A collection of 20 poems written on combat duty in Vietnam during 1969 and 1970. Offset printed on white bond with blue coverstock cover. 32 pages. 6 3/4"H x 4 1/4"W. 1,000 copies.